Ponies travelling to Germany and Ireland need to be vaccinated against Equine Flu to FEI standards.
This means that all ponies must have at least received a primary course of two vaccinations with 21 to 92 days between them.

The third vaccination (first booster) must be given within six months of the second vaccination.
Booster vaccinations must be given at least annually (ie within 365 days of the previous dose)
The most recent booster vaccination must have been given within the SIX MONTHS prior to the competition.
No vaccination must have been given within the seven days before arrival at the venue.
If you are not sure that your pony's vaccination record meets these criteria please ask Nikki and she will check for you. Please do this as soon as possible so you have time to start the process again.
Your pony must have an up to date passport. Your name and address should be recorded as the owner or keeper of the pony.
Ponies travelling to Germany will need an export licence EXA31 and either an EXH6 or EXH7 depending on its size. 
Ponies travelling to Ireland need and export licence (which is rarely checked), horses do not
All riders will need personal liability insurance. Your MGAGB insurance does NOT cover you when competing abroad, but I am investigating whether this can be extended