England MGA height and weight policy

To be eligible, for selection to represent England in 2019, England MGA request that all riders and ponies are weighed using the scales supplied by England MGA . These scales will be at The England Championships and The Spring Championships and it is the responsibility of the rider to ensure that England MGA records the weight of both rider and pony. For all riders under the age of 18yrs, we request an adult is present when both rider and pony are weighed. There will be a minimum charge of £5 for each pony weighed. England MGA will record all the data which will be held privately and confidentially and will be used solely for the purpose it was recorded. The recorded data will only be released by declaration to IMGA for the 2019 international competitions, for those riders and ponies selected to represent England in 2019. We will issue information at both competitions of the times when the scales are available to record the weights.

Rule : GR2.4. The size, weight and experience of a rider must correspond to the size, build and experience of the pony. If the referee deems a rider to be overweight or unsafe, that rider will be eliminated from the competition. A rider is overweight for a pony if the rider's weight exceeds 20% of the pony's bodyweight.