Information about MGA England




Chairman: David Ridler

Vice Chairman: Maggie Gorvett

Secretary: Nikki Carter

Treasurer: Donna Stark

Riders' Representative:  Guy Gorvett

Northern Region Representatives:  Paul Adcock, Lisa Davis, Les Edwards and Alan Surman

Southern Region Representatives: Alastair Elliot, Alison Grimshaw, Kay Leese and Jo Morris


IMGA Representative: Nikki Carter 



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Minutes of meetings of the England MGA committee can be downloaded using the links below


Committee meeting 26 January 2014 MGA Meeting 260114.pdf


AGM 12 April 2014 MGA AGM MINUTES 120414.pdf


Committee meeting 4 May 2014 MGA Meeting 040514.pdf


Committee meeting 12 September 2014 MGA Minutes 120914.pdf


Committee meeting 8 February 2015 MGA MINUTES 080215 FINAL.pdf 


AGM 11 April 2015 AGM Minutes 110415.pdf 


Committee meeting 25 April 2015 MGA MINUTES 250415.pdf


Committee meeting 30 August 2015 MGA MINUTES 300815.pdf


Committee meeting 8 November 2015 MGA MINUTES 081115 FINAL.pdf


Committee meeting 30 January 2016 MGA MINUTES 300116.pdf