ENGLAND MGA  Squad Session 2018 

Date: Saturday 19th May for Open and U17. Sunday 20th May for U14 and U12

Venue: TBA

Briefing: timing TBA

Riders: May wear neutral or team kit

Ponies: Riders will receive a number in a draw and will paint their own number on their pony using their own clearly visible method- this is the rider's responsibility

Equipment: The Committee will rely on parents to help with equipment, and will organise independent assistant refs and judges




Session Format

This is a full England Squad Session and is covered by the England Code of Conduct. England riders chosen will be required to attend training events prior to their competition agreeing these dates with their trainer.


Session 1            to test the all-round ability of squad in a random number session

Time:                    Open and U17- Saturday 19th May, timing tba

U14 and U12 - Sunday 20th May, timing tba    

Session to run for approximately 45 minutes        

Games:               To be selected by the trainer and selectors. Riders should keep going until asked to stop by the referee.

Scoring:               Selectors are looking for outstanding riding. Riders going through the motions will not impress, they must prove they can ride at pace, correct quickly, take a handover and give a handover. 

Debrief:              After session 1, selectors and trainers debrief to collate written findings, focus opinions and sort teams for session 2.


Session 2            to see riders in correct positions, speed, teamwork, handovers and agility

Time:                    After a short break following session 1.  

Games:                 To be selected by the trainers and selectors. Competitively run in lanes of 4 or 5. Trainers will give the teams orders.

Scoring:               Selectors will use a scoring system, team selection will also be based on position in team, all round performance and team work. 

Debrief:              After session 2, Selectors and Trainers go through final combinations. Each age group will have session score sheets for each rider from each selector. Together with the information from the selection shows the England riders will be chosen. 


The teams will be announced at the end of each day.